Yolk is a Montreal-based literary journal publishing the work of established and emerging artists. I worked alongside their editorial team to create the branding, website, and magazine. This group of creatives focuses on publishing authentic works of literature.

Branding, Web Design, Magazine Design
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Montreal, QC
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UX Design‍

Problem: Based on user research, users were frustrated at the difficulties they and their friends experienced when it came to finding online literary magazine articles. There are online journals, although their websites are often lacking a good UI design and have bad SEO rankings; deeming them hard to find.

Target Audience: Yolk’s intended primary target audience is 15 - 30 year olds who are interested in literary journals or who are writers.

Goals: Create a well thought-out website that allows for the user to navigate seamlessly through their articles and online store. This will fill a gap in the online literary journal marketplace because Yolk will focus on quality content on-line and SEO rankings. 

The, secondary goal is to spread brand awareness, increase social media engagements, and increase page views and revenue over time. 

Branding & Execution

Yolk is more than a literately journal. The brand serves as a daily reminder to continue exploring your passion and join an ever-growing community of creatives.

The branding tells Yolk apart from a dying industry. It's a promise of quality, innovation, and reliability. Even though the journal is a print publication, we wanted the brand to become much more than that.

Our concept was to merge both the qualities of print and digital design together. The chosen serif type reflects the print roots of the publication, while being integrated into a modern UI system online.

The colours we’ve chosen for the branding is a key factor in differentiation and brand recognition. The majority of publication do not have strong colours within their brand guidelines. To reflect Yolk's boldness, we decided to chose a bright orange. This choice allows Yolk's readers to who they are and what their brand personality is.

Since the launch of the website, the websites averages 70% organic searches, sold over 200 copies of the journal within the first week of publishing, and has acquired over 1500 followers on instagram within a month.

"Working with Caitlin was something like a revelation; in an industry fixed on antiquated modes of communication and advertising, Caitlin brought a fresh and modern take in her design and branding, which is exactly what we wanted in order to stand out from our competitors"

- Curtis McRae, Creative Director

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