Hulda is more than an apparel company based in Whistler, BC. They serve as a daily reminder to live a sustainble lifestyle through their quality products.

Brand Identity
Based In
Whistler, BC
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About The Brand

Hulda is more than an apparel company. They serve as a daily reminder to live a sustainble lifestyle.

They have a less-is-more approach to elevated classic. With a fresh focus on tactility, using sustainable ultra soft yarns and eco-friendly cellulosics. Their three main focuses are to create apparel that gives women the freedom to express their own personal style.

The Hulda muse is ambitious, natural, easygoing, independent, loves to stay busy but enjoys moments of silence as well. Her style is effortlessly put together, classic with a touch of whimsy. She’s grounded in the outdoors and family and friends.

She stays active by skiing, running, hiking and running around with her toddlers. She’s thoughtful, researches the products she uses before buying, environmentally conscious and will invest in a piecebased on a story and not just the impulse reaction.She’s a sister, a friend, a mother, a wife.


The brand logo identifies the Hulda brand as a whole. The subtle imperfections in the type reflect the beauty in both the font chosen and Hulda customers. It is a font of strength, uniqueness, and sincerety. The brand colour are chosen for the customer to view the company as as warm, thoughtful, and environmentally-friendly.

The use of a bold type combined with natural colours elevate the brand in a design-forward manner. The customer is looking for much more than just regular apparel. They search for a unique way to express who they are and do it in an eco-friendly and comfortable way.

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